quality training

Each class work out will be part of an intentional strength, power, or endurance cycle. Lifting with dumbbells, kettle bells, D-Balls, biking, running, rowing and body weight movements can be expected in a REDLINE class. Class will be started with a coach led warm-up that will prep you for movements specific to that days work out. Your coach will also guide you through any necessary skills and modifications. This class is for everyone, geared to be just as challenging for the beginner athlete and the advanced athlete.


10 CLASS PACK / 135


DROP IN / 22



Our LIFT class is included in the UNLIMITED membership as well as any of the Redline CLASS PACKs. Lift is a group class comprised of olympic and power lifts; the snatch, clean and jerk and deadlift, squat, press.

This class separates the barbell from a high intensity “WOD” format. Our goal is to provide you with the appropriate class setting necessary for maximizing strength and mastering these specific lifts.

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Youth Training

This group class is designed to improve the young athletes movement and they grow into sports and beyond.

BASELINE will be a 45 min class for youth ages 6-11

What to expect: plyometric movements, running mechanics, bodyweight exercises/skills such as squatting, throwing, catching. Experienced professional coaching and a supportive environment.

Thursdays 4:30pm

1 MONTH (1x/week) / 75


1-on-1 approach

REDLINE personal training is the perfect approach to meet/train with one of our professional coaches in a 1-on-1 environment. Schedule a session to improve a specific skill, movement or goal.

30 min SKILL SESSION / 40




Open Gym is included the REDLINE unlimited membership or can be purchased separately for the athlete looking to do their own workout. Open gym is offered during specific hours which can be found on the schedule. Open gym is also a great opportunity for members to make up missed class workouts or spend time improving specific skills, lifts and conditioning.

UNLIMITED / included

Open Gym / 100